Once a fire catches hold, it can escalate quickly. Automated suppression systems, therefore, play a vital role in containing small fires and preventing them spreading – potentially avoiding injury, death and property damage.

At Cityfire & Electrical Services, we offer a range of bespoke suppression systems, incorporating various firefighting, detection, and prevention solutions. Using patented industry-leading technologies, our systems cover small and medium fire risks, as well as confined space hazards.

How does a fire suppression system work?

The fire suppression system is linked to a network of smoke detectors. When a fire is identified, the suppression agent is released, diminishing, or putting out the fire before it spreads. This is usually achieved through sprinklers or nozzles attached to the ceiling.

Water-based systems

A fire suppression system can either be water-based or gas-based. The choice comes down to the type of hazard. If your building contains only Class A fire hazards (cloth, wood, paper, textiles), a water-based system may be sufficient. Dousing an area with water lowers the temperature and actively suppresses the fire.

Waterless systems

However, if you are dealing with electrical hazards or other flammable materials, or if there is equipment in the area that may be damaged by water, a gas-based, or waterless system is a better choice.

Waterless fire suppression systems contain a mixture of CO2 with other inert gases. When released, they reduce the amount of oxygen in the air, starving the fire of fuel and effectively smothering it in the same way as a blanket.

Waterless fire suppression systems have the benefit of not damaging surrounding property and electrical equipment.

Why choose a fire suppression system from Cityfire & Electrical Services?

  • We offer a waterless system that covers all classifications of fire
  • Exceptional at clearing smoke – which is the main risk to life in any fire
  • Inert gases quickly suppress fire while causing no collateral damage
  • No thermal shock to electrical equipment
  • Area can be cleaned up in a matter of minutes – rather than hours or days
  • The gas mixture is completely safe for nearby persons if discharged in a confined space
  • All materials are 100% environmentally friendly
  • Staff training is fast and inexpensive

Each system is tailored to the needs of individual clients. Our solutions are dynamic and use pressure release detection methods together with a manual release to apply a blanket of dry mist to the affected area.

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